3-D-Printed Dick Pics Are the Way of the Future

Photo: Fuel3D

This year, the Selfie Stick emerged and blew everyone’s mind. But just you wait, world: There’s some really impressive selfie technology on the horizon. Mashable reports on a newfangled doohickey going on sale in early 2015 that’s sure to elevate your duckface: the first handheld, 3-D selfie scanner.

Scanify, which retails at $1,500, uses “powerful scanning technology” to create high-quality 3-D image files that can be used with any consumer 3-D printer. The purpose of these 3-D-printed images remains to be seen, but since it sometimes seems technological advancements only exist to help Valley bros find new ways to document and share images of their genitals, we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before the world has its first 3-D-printed pic.