Surprise! Adam Levine Is Here to Douche Up Your Wedding


Of all the things that could ruin a wedding — flash flood, horde of locusts, inappropriate cousin Wendy — the events of the new Maroon 5 music video might be the most catastrophic. The video for “Sugar,” a frothy diddy made specifically to worm its way into every wedding playlist in the country, features Adam Levine and his band of merry d-bags, crashing weddings and giving a surprise performance of said frothy diddy.

The whole thing is kind of invasive. Did anybody ask these couples? What if they wanted a DJ? What if they only wanted the smooth sounds of Stevie Wonder or what have you? What if they didn’t want their wedding glory stolen by someone in outrageous transition-lens hipster glasses — looking at you, Adam Levine. And, really, what if they didn’t want to have to get electroshock therapy to finally get this song out of their heads?