Are These the Songs Channing Tatum Has Sex To?


Defamer thinks it’s uncovered Channing Tatum’s YouTube account. While there’s no solid proof, everything about the account for YouTube user “PoeticalMotion” sounds like it could be Tatum — especially the repeat viewings of videos like “Bare Knuckles Fight in Gym Class.”

Among the few videos on his YouTube watch list is this gem, a 45-minute playlist called “2014 Sex Songs Mix Bedroom Magic,” presumably the songs Tatum likes to make sweet, dirty love to. Here is said playlist, should you want to re-create for your own 45-minute sex needs:

This is all still unsubstantiated, but does anything in this world feel truer than Channing Tatum knocking boots to “Wet the Bed”  by Chris Brown and Ludacris? I think not.