David Beckham Was Fat-Shamed by His Daughter

Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images

While most look upon David Beckham and think, “Hey, pretty good bod,” there is at least one human in this world who is just not impressed: his 3-year old daughter, Harper. His post-retirement life, he explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live, has him shuttling his children to and from school instead of spending hours on the field, and little Harper is beginning to notice. She reportedly told him: “Daddy, I love you so much but I don’t like you, you’re so chubby!”

Beckham shared a jolly laugh, but you know Harper has become the voice in his head every time he craves pizza. She’s the tiny little critic reminding him 200 crunches will never be enough to get rid of those love handles. In a mere four words (You’re so chubby), she has flipped the script on subtle parental fat-shaming before even starting preschool.