An Exfoliator to Make Your Dry Skin Super-Soft


Everyone at the Cut seems to be reading the same Japanese de-cluttering book, in which author Marie Kondo instructs people to only keep things that bring you joy. Talk to your clothes, socks, and scarves about how they fit into your life, author Marie Kondo instructs, but a chapter about conversation with your beauty products is conspicuously missing. As a beauty editor, a dialogue with my beauty products is a necessity and a talk with Eminence’s Monoi Exfoliating Cleanser would go something like this: “Thank you, fancy cleanser, for smelling like Tahitian gardenia and keeping my pores’ spirits up despite the freezing temperatures outside. I treasure how thoroughly your combination of citrus alpha-hydroxy acids and super-finely ground olive seeds exfoliates my skin, even better than my facial cleansing brush. You make me and my super-soft skin feel like a Taylor Swift BFF: spoiled, special, and cherished.” And then I would put it in its own special place on my shower ledge and thank it for working so hard.

Eminence Monoi Exfoliating Cleanser, $38 at