How to Get Kate Moss’s Expertly Tousled Hair

Photo: Courtesy of Sachajuan

Sometimes, you want your clean hair to look a little bit dirty and tousled. I call this Kate Moss hair and for that, you need Sachajuan Volume Powder. It can transform flat hair into textured hair, thin hair into thick, and clean hair into second-day hair. Yes, you could use dry shampoo, but a dry shampoo's main purpose is to trick people into thinking your hair is clean. This product's main purpose is to trick people into believing you have effortlessly good-looking, rock-and-roll party-girl hair that you just woke up with. It sprays out of the nozzle in a dry, non-sticky powder that instantly makes the hair matte and gives you the effect of back-combing without the snarls. It even comes in a dark color so brunettes can blend it easily. 

Sachajuan Volume Powder, $32 at Net-a-Porter