Jane Fonda Knows Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images

While some wise women claim the secret to a long life is avoiding men, Jane Fonda’s elixir of everlasting life is made up of female friends and lady hormones, she told Vanity Fair at Sundance:

“I think that is one reason why women live longer than men. Friendship between women is different than friendship between men. We talk about different things. We delve deep. We go under, even if we haven’t seen each other for years. There are hormones that are released from women to other women that are healthy and do away with the stress hormones. ... It’s my women friends that keep starch in my spine and without them, I don’t know where I would be. We have to just hang together and help each other.”

In addition to solving that scientific quandary, it seems Jane Fonda has learned how to speak in warm, fuzzy blankets and comforting rainbows.