Lucky Put 3 Bloggers on Its New Cover


Luckys embrace of street style continues apace. Its February cover features a triad of bloggers, in a first for a major American fashion magazine. The three not-exactly-household-names are the Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl, and Zanita Whittington. The cover story dubs them “fashion’s digital superstars” and trumpets their “democratization of the fashion industry,” while also promising a look at how each woman achieved her (relative) fame. Says Warne, who’s also the proprietor of Australia’s largest vintage e-retailer and one of our best-dressed people of 2014, of her eclectic style: “I discovered I could express myself through what I wore, and no one could replicate it because often the pieces were one of a kind. It made me realize that not fitting in doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” Still, the question remains: Will magazine readers respond to a cover that doesn’t feature the typical Hollywood A-listers?