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Tired of the obligatory diet-mania that takes over magazine pages and dinner-table conversations during the first month of the year, the Cut decided to take a different approach to starting 2015 off right. Over the past week, we’ve explored ways to get your act together when it comes to personal style. From purging your closet to streamlining your beauty routine to learning how to tailor strategically, here are all the stories from our Uniforms That Work series — guaranteed to help you feel a little less dread (and perhaps even joy!) at the prospect of getting out the door.

WE EXTOLLED THE VIRTUES OF PURGING ONE’S CLOSET. By getting rid of the clothes that don’t bring you joy, you’ll make your morning routine a lot simpler — and feel better about your body.

AND RECOMMENDED THE BEST BASICS TO RESTOCK. Here are 30 beautiful, uncomplicated items to fill any gaps your purging may leave.

WE CONTEMPLATED THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WORK UNIFORM. Whether you’re wearing shoulder pads or jeans, the clothes you wear to the office signal a lot about how you feel about your job and yourself.

AND MADE PAPER DOLLS THAT ACTUALLY WORK IN REAL LIFE. The Cut found six professionals in different fields and created functional wardrobes — that you copy, or just cut out.

WE DEBATED THE MERITS OF JUMPSUITS. Yes, they are an adventure to pee in and yes, they can be tricky to fit, but when you find one that works, it’s pretty much perfect.

AND LEARNED A THING OR TWO ABOUT TAILORING. It’s the best-kept secret to having an affordable yet expensive-looking wardrobe. Our explainer tells you exactly what adjustments to ask for — and how much they’ll cost.

WE STREAMLINED OUR MORNING BEAUTY ROUTINE. Here are 12 tips to shorten yours, from embracing your eyebrows to remembering to moisturize your neck.

AND FOUND THE BEST ITEMS TO REORGANIZE OUR CLOSETS. Including swivel hooks, marble shelves, accessories hangers, and, of course, our new favorite book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.

WE TOOK A CLOSER LOOK AT THE DESIGNERS WHO HAVE TURNED TASTEFUL BASICS INTO THE NEW COOL GIRL UNIFORM. The cool, uncomplicated aesthetics of brands like Trademark and Rachel Comey feel simultaneously aspirational and attainable.

AND GOT PRO TIPS FROM STYLISTS AND OTHER WISE SOULS. Find your signature item, forget about trends, learn how to shop mindfully, and more.


AND PROVIDED INSPIRATION ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR UNIFORM FEEL LIKE YOU. Add a floppy hat, some jolie laide shoes, or a crazy faux-fur coat.

Read All of the Cut’s Uniform Week Stories