Should You Dress Up Like a Cat for Love?


As the three friendly burlesque dancers from Gypsy remind us, “you gotta get a gimmick if you want to get ahead.” That’s solid advice for the entertainment industry — but as one contestant on the Chinese dating show If You Are the One discovered, perhaps also for love. To stand out on what is essentially Tinder as a TV game show (a man selects his sole “heartbeat girl” from a selection of 24 women on sight alone), a woman decided to dress up like a cat — not like a sexy, furry Halloween-costume-style cat but a fairly realistic cat, by using face paint and prosthetic ears.

This contestant is a professional makeup artist, so in addition to cosplaying her way into our hearts, she also got a chance to showcase her skills. She hasn’t been selected as a “heartbeat girl” yet, but maybe she’s onto something. People like cats, all kinds of cats: real-life cats, cat memes, zombie cats, CATS the musical. Lapping milk from a bowl could be an adorable first-date activity, and you’ll still look saner than most of the women on The Bachelor this season.