No, You Can Never Have Too Many Good Basics


This week on the Cut we’re exploring how to get your act together when it comes to personal style — from organizing your closet, to finding your signature scent, to figuring out your work uniform.

In the first week of the New Year, it's easy to look around at piles of last year's clutter and think: Where did all this crap come from? In the spirit of clearing out our drawers and cleaning up shop, shopping takes on a new purpose: fewer bells and whistles, more fresh basics. Because you really can never have enough.

We searched far and wide to bring you 30 beautiful items — starting at $18 — to simplify your morning routines and add a little Zen to your life. From the perfect crisp white shirt to simple leather loafers, from nude nail polish to chic little jars, click through our slideshow of the best things — in terms of value, quality, and product design — that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for 2015.