Can Emoji Ever Be Sexy, Though?

Photo: Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons

Congratulatory praise hands followed by confetti party hat to all of you: A study conducted by reports that people who use emoji have more sex. Hmm.

Maybe it’s because images carry multifaceted meanings that entice through enigma. Maybe it’s because emoji cushion the harsh, rigid lines of letters with a rudimentary recollection of human expression. Maybe it’s the goofy-hieroglyphic playground that bonds texters with foolishness. Maybe it’s just because it’s how the hip, fresh, and savvy communicate now. Maybe it’s a credit to all of that boundless visual irony, because what’s more seductive than irony deployed by a monkey covering its eyes? That must be it. Anyway, keep doing your thing, guys, and enjoying your lives. Revolving hearts followed by galloping horse followed by sunglasses face followed by hand waving.