Edun’s Show Spanned 3 Continents


Compared to the typical frenetic backstage environment — robed models with hair clips akimbo, screaming stylists, warring photographers — Edun is an oasis of calm. The Zen vibe likely has more than a little to do with designer Danielle Sherman, who's been at the helm of the brand since 2013.

Sherman took inspiration from a range of people and places for her collection this season, including a ten-city journey through Morocco, Piet Mondrian, and Gerrit Rietveld, the De Stijl architect who made homes based on Mondrian paintings. There were also nods to English tailoring, like glen plaid and houndstooth peacoats, in addition to a French-inspired color palette of navy and white. "That’s why I always talk about Edun being a global company," Sherman said. "The influences come from everywhere: Last season it was Japanese; this season there were European influences and also very African influences, too. It’s really about merging those worlds together."