How to Smell Like a Delightful Italian Afternoon


I was in Italy the first time I tasted Sanpellegrino’s Aranciata. It was cold, fizzy, and totally delicious. Now when I smell Atelier Cologne’s new fragrance, Pomélo Paradis, it reminds me of that cool bottle of Aranciata, only better — the bubbly scent that smells like just-peeled clementine stays with you all day. Citrus fragrances usually walk a fine line between being obnoxiously sweet and pleasantly fresh, but Pomélo Paradis is the latter. Its tang is so present and palatable that you can practically taste the clementine rind. (The sweet fragrance is thankfully balanced by other notes, including black currant, rose, and amber.) Although a spritz of Pomélo Paradis won’t transport me back to my perfect Italian afternoon, it will get me pretty darn close.

Atelier Cologne’s Pomélo Paradis, $180 at Sephora.