Kanye West’s Entire Fashion Week: A Timeline


How are you feeling today? Burnt out? Exhausted? Barely clinging to the final shreds of your human soul after this cold and blustery Fashion Week? Allowed, but really, nobody was as busy as Kanye West.

The rapper, designer, and self-appointed Robin Hood of Fashion had, hands down, the most productive Fashion Week. For eight solid days, Yeezy was out there: hitting the streets, designing a collection, rapping, giving quotable interviews, and attending more shows than a celebutante trying to jump-start her modeling career. Somehow he even managed to find time in his busy schedule of revolutionizing fashion to smile gamely for the cameras and insult some people on Twitter.

Here’s a timeline of everything Yeezy did during New York Fashion Week. Behold, be amazed, and remember, as you gripe and groan before heading into Milan and Paris for more fashion weeks: You have just as many hours in a day as Kanye. (Just, you know, not the drivers, handlers, or money.)