The Moisturizer to Help You Get Beauty Sleep


I recently moved into a new apartment. Every morning since then, my neighbor plays the 6 a.m. TV news at full volume. My REM cycle has been seriously disrupted for weeks. The impact has shown in my bloodshot eyes, but I like to think that the lack of sleep hasn't made a visible impact on my skin, thanks to Lancôme's Energie de Vie Nuit Recovery Mask. It's a sleep mask, which is just a fancy way of saying extra-rich night cream. I like to slather this non-oily, fluffy cream on after moisturizer for skin so soft that I can't stop touching it. Even after I've used Retin-A, braved single-degree temperatures outside, and slept all night in a humidiferless apartment, I wake up with smooth, soft skin. My pregnant friend has even taken to slathering this cream on her belly to preserve elasticity and prevent stretch marks. 

Lancôme Energie de Vie Nuit Recovery Mask, $65 at