All the Cool Kids Were Waiting for Kanye Today

Austin Butts, a.k.a. Ass Pizza and Kevin Herwin. Photo: Alexandra Gavillet

If there’s anybody who can command a crowd to wait in 20-degree weather without inciting riot, it’s Kanye West. Despite the frigid temperatures, fans, friends, Kim-groupies, and even the merely curious gathered patiently outside for the most hyped presentation of Fashion Week: Kanye’s collection for Adidas Original. “This is going to be historic,” said Johnny Medina. “I mean, the man went on a year rant saying that people weren’t letting him express himself — and now he gets to.” While West and team finished rehearsing, the Cut chatted with the stylish crowd and found out who thinks Kanye is a genius, who was there for Kim, and, of course, if they thought the show would really be worth the wait.