Abercrombie Gave Its Corporate Jet the Heave-Ho

Photo: Shutterstock

Is that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” playing on the world’s tiniest violin? It’s just the soundtrack to Abercrombie & Fitch’s clearing-out inventory. The retailer’s Mike Jeffries–run rush party is over, and now that it has pledged to turn the music down and the lights up, not to mention cooled it on the cologne, it’s also losing some dead weight in the form of its corporate jet. Yes, the one where Jeffries, its former CEO, once decreed that flight attendants must wear black gloves to handle silverware and white gloves to handle tablecloths (and blast the Phil Collins hit while landing, in addition to many other requirements outlined in an epic 40-page memo). Bloomberg reports that the company has not yet found a buyer, despite knocking 11 million dollars off the asking price. It’s also in the market for a new, presumably chiller CEO.