Amy Schumer’s on Our Team, Okay?

Amy Schumer, definitely a feminist.
Amy Schumer, definitely a feminist. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, among the indignant social-media hullaballoo about red-carpet conversation, Amy Schumer flipped the joke. Instead of #askhermore, Schumer wrote #askhimless. She received some knee-jerk responses that questioned her dedication to feminism. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer mentions that she’s still bothered by this accusation. “I just thought the wording was funny, you know? Of course I want women to be asked more than what dress they’re wearing — that’s my whole thing!” she says, continuing, “So yeah, it did annoy me. I’ve devoted my life to being a feminist and showing women as more than just vapid, materialistic sex-monsters.” You heard it here first: Amy Schumer’s going to correct everything you thought you knew about women. It’s an excellent vocation and she’s happy to do it.