How to Avoid Having Splotchy Bronzer


Over the years, I've heard many different theories about how to apply bronzer. Some makeup artists advise you to put it on sideways in a "3 pattern," while others say to apply it "anywhere the sun hits." Well, the sun hits my entire face, I think, while putting bronzer everywhere. But when I met Gucci Cosmetics makeup artist Aaron Henrikson, he gave me a new tip: You can't forget to apply it to your ears. He demonstrates how in the GIFs below.

Step 1: A common mistake most people make when choosing bronzer is not making it looking "connected," Henrikson explains. To prevent that, start by choosing a fluffier brush. "Begin with a very light hand and build up coverage," he says. Then, do not apply bronzer straight on. Look at yourself from the side to get an idea of how your cheekbone extends toward your ear. (Here's a refresher on how to find and accentuate them.) Start from your ear, swooping down with bronzer (in this case, Gucci Cosmetics Golden Glow Bronzer). Lightly starting the bronzer at your ear, follow the natural line of the cheekbone, which makes the coverage look more natural than a green juice.

Step 2: And don't forget to also swipe the brush lightly along your jawline to define the bone structure there.