Keep Your Selfie Shoes Away From Me

The shoe that lets you take selfies and crotch-flash passersby. Photo: Courtesy of Miz Mooz

On the penultimate day of March 2015, a day when winter refused to leave its East Coast perch, it was a moody Monday and a Monday that introduced a terrible notion: a selfie-taking shoe. Not only is it an unwelcome notion, but it's probably an April Fools' prank. Those are as annoying as this selfie shoe would be. 

Wouldn't it be glorious if the world's preoccupation with April Fools' jokes and selfies didn't overlap at all, and in fact, humans had been granted a few divine centuries between those two phenomena. Oh, wouldn't that have been grand and free. Ah well! So glad this is the cultural milieu we're all living through! Enjoy your pranks and pictures of your faces, everyone!