Can Disneyland Distract You From a Broken Heart and a Chasm of Loneliness?

Emma Stone's guide to matters of the heart. Photo: Fern/Corbis

Going on a break is a tricky limbo in romantic situations. It is filled with unknowables and waiting and general immobilization of the heart. What should you do? Where should you go? Should you just perch on stairs and in hallways and foyers and other in-between places to think your in-between thoughts? Or should you hustle your tragic face over to Disneyland immediately and enjoy your life?

Sure, why don't you try that? Emma Stone journeyed to the theme park amid confirmation that she is on a break from Andrew Garfield. It's a post-breakup choice that seems similar to applying pixie dust to the wound. Maybe that works, though! Who can ever know?