Could This Be the End of the Booth Babe?

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Anyone who has attended a tech trade show like CES and E3 or fan utopia ComiCon is probably familiar with the existence of booth babes — women hired to dress in slutty outfits and entice lecherous consumers to check out new products.

Well, wipe that drool off your chin, children: More tech conferences are starting to adopt and enforce dress codes, meaning that the degrading days of the Booth Babe could be numbered. Following the lead of Europgamer Expo, ChinaJoy gaming expo, and Mobile World Congress, Cnet reports that the the annual information security conference, RSA, has new rules that state all conference staff must dress in clothing that’s “considered appropriate in a professional environment,” and that clothing of an “overly revealing or suggestive nature” won’t be allowed. Items that fall into that category include: miniskirts, minidresses, shorts, tank tops, halter tops, and all Slave Girl Princess Leia gold bikinis.