The Story of Dior, Now in Comic-Book Form


Last month brought us Dior and I, the new documentary chronicling designer Raf Simons and his debut collection for the house. Now comes a slightly more unusual undertaking — the story of Dior told in comic-book form. The French graphic novelist Annie Goetzinger has released a (Dior-approved book) this month titled Girl in Dior, which follows Clara, a fashion journalist who is tapped by Christian Dior to model for the house. It charts Dior's rise to stardom, surrounded by admirers and women in cinched-waist tulle. (Sample quote: "I dream of getting out of my heels. I dream of a toasted ham and cheese. But I'm in Dior, so grin and bear it!").

"There were already a lot of books and movies on Chanel. Same with Saint Laurent,” Goetzinger told the Cut at the French Embassy on the Upper East Side last week, where she hosted an event. “But at the time I started working on this book, there was really nothing on Christian Dior." Click through our slideshow for a look inside.