Summer Foundation That Won’t Melt Off Your Face


There was a period of time last summer when everyone would tell me, “Your skin looks amazing.” After muttering a sheepish “thank you,” I would try to deduce what product was soliciting these compliments. A new serum? Maybe I had finally perfected my bronzer placement game? But then, the Korean cushion compact I was using started drying up right as the compliments did — and I knew the secret. Enter Lancôme’s new Miracle Cushion, which is the French brand’s take on the cult Korean product. Much like the original, a light fluid foundation is drenched onto a flat sponge “cushion,” which spring-loads onto your finger when you press into it. But Lancôme’s version comes in 11 different shades, meaning I can now find a shade that is my exact match and suggest it to friends of various skin tones. The best part of the product is the feel — it’s completely textureless and weightless (although sadly lacking in SPF). Although its formula is a bit wetter than those of its Korean-inspired cousins, it dries quickly and lightly and gives you the kind of coverage that is like your skin on its best day: dewy, luminous, but still real-looking.  

Lancôme Miracle Cushion, $46.50 at