A Calming Mask That Will De-Puff Your Face


When I first heard about Whamisa's organic sea-kelp mask, I pictured a delicious bowl of seaweed salad being slathered onto my face. And that wasn't so far off: It is one of the only sheet masks I've used that's made of real seaweed, containing large sections of super-thin kelp that you place directly onto your face. Unlike the slightly slimy Gattaca feeling of paper masks, this cooling, hydrating kelp mask makes me feel like I'm a high-spirited mermaid getting a calming facial. I like how bouncy and fresh my skin looked after about ten to 15 minutes. It's perfect for cooling and de-puffing my skin after a workout or a humid day outdoors. Try it and you'll see — it's impossible not to like seaweed, even in sheet-mask form. 

Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Facial Mask, $14 at Glow Recipe.