Dadbod Has Made It to The Daily Show


It’s been a mere two weeks since the dadbod first came to our attention, and it feels like its life cycle is almost complete: There have been talk-show segments, memes, slideshows with examples of celebrity dadbods, dadbod instructions, backlash, think pieces, mombod companion pieces, are-we-thinking-too-hard-about-this pieces, and finally, its ultimate achievement, a segment on The Daily Show.

Last night, senior women’s issues correspondent Kristen Schaal took us through the whole dadbod conversation, why we “celebrate it,” and how we treat the mombod. (Spoiler alert: It’s more like the mom-get-your-body-back-immediately-after-having-a-child-bod.) Jon Stewart is even tempted to show off his dadbod.

Watch the clip, have a chuckle, and please consider this the dadbod “In Memoriam” tribute reel.