How New York Is Cracking Down on Nail Salons

Photo: Justin Lane/EPA/Corbis

The nail-salon worker's bill of rights is about to become as ubiquitous as the choking-prevention poster. Following its exposé on the mistreatment of New York nail-salon workers, the New York Times reports that starting this week, a worker's bill of rights poster describing minimum-wage requirements and safety standards must be posted in all nail salons. The posters will come in ten languages. Cuomo is also empowering citizens to effect change, with the distribution of information placards showing "top five things to ask when entering nail salons" and asking those who spot violations to “walk out the door, go down the block, [and] patronize another business.” Here's hoping that this brings about real, much-needed change in the nail industry, and the beginning of more "ethical" manicures.