Rick Owens Commissioned a Goth Mobile Home

Photo: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty Images

Look, Rick Owens is hardly immune to Kerouac-style wanderlust. In a new Complex profile, the designer shares that he is having a mobile home built for a road trip across this great country of ours. It is currently under construction at the Winnebago factory in Iowa — where Owens's "chief architect" is overseeing things — and the process should take about a year. It's custom-painted: “Matte-black,” he says, “of course.” The question "What do you get for the man who already has a 25-foot-tall statue of himself?" has officially been answered. 

Owens also talks about sneakers — “I always thought athletic shoes were so dreary and prosaic. If I was gonna wear them I wanted monster trucks on my feet ..." — and his endearingly-dorky reading habits (he's a fan of Agatha Christie's Detective Hercule Poirot series). No word on the road-trip itinerary, but keep a look out for a matte-black (because shiny black would be so gauche) Harold and Maude mobile winding the streets of your town.