Tavi Expertly Lobs a Sick Sartorialist Burn

Tavi Gevinson; Scott Schuman.
Tavi Gevinson; Scott Schuman.

In a new interview with the Talks, Tavi Gevinson has an ice-cold riposte to Scott Schuman, a.k.a. the Sartorialist, who once told the site, commenting on Gevinson’s early fashion blogging, that she couldn’t possibly understand her subject matter. “It is like a five-year old Michael Jackson singing about love — to him they are just words.” When presented with that quote, Gevinson gave a response that was the perfect mixture of thoughtful and a little bitchy.

“That young people don’t have valid thoughts about the world because they haven’t been alive long enough is sadly a very popular and, frankly, unoriginal sentiment. When I think about that time, I was just responding to the world around me. And I was perceptive enough that I felt like I could make connections to things in my life. I don’t think it was abstract. And I am basically skeptical of any adults who have those kinds of things to say about young people because it seems to always very transparently stem from fear and insecurity. And to be honest, the fact that he’s shorter than me in real life.”

We look forward to Rookie’s comprehensive guide to shutting down ageist put-downs.