We Could Have Had Charli XCX Tampons

Charli XCX comes in all ranges of absorbency.
Charli XCX comes in all ranges of absorbency. Photo: Jonathan Ng/Newspix/Getty Images

Unused tampons are a popular and accepted offering at Charli XCX concerts. When fans fling them at the stage, the singer is generally appreciative: “I’m like, ‘Great! I don’t have to go to the CVS!’” she told MTV News.

And in return, Charli XCX wanted to save all her fans a trip to CVS by offering Charli XCX–branded tampons at the merch table on her Sucker tour:

“I really wanted to make tampon merch. That was a dream of mine for a really long time — to have tampons that say ‘Sucker’ on the side and ‘Pu–y Power’ on the box. But it’s a health issue if someone’s going to put it in their vagina.”

Considering we have no idea what’s in our tampons anyway, we probably would have been fine with taking a risk for a box of tampons that say Pussy Power.