43 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Weird Dad


Here's a somewhat early PSA for everyone: Father's Day this year is on Sunday, June 21. As picky as your mom may be, shopping for your dad can be even more difficult. You could give the standard gifts like a boring tie — but be better than that. If you're going to source the perfect jasmine-scented incense cones for your mother, shouldn't you at least try to get him something better than a generic razor? 

With that in mind, we polled the Cut's staff again and the collective response was along of the lines of "Well, my dad is a bit weird ..." Unlike our moms, who all seem to love to work out, the dads have varied, unusual interests. One wants to pilot his own drone, another likes strategic, niche board games, and yet another prefers to experiment in the kitchen by DIY-ing his own hot sauce. Sound like someone you know? Click through and see how you can be the awesome kid this year with a perfect and personal gift.