The Best and Worst of the 2016 Campaign Merch


Forget the 2016 candidates' political platforms — everything you need to know about them can be read in their sartorial offerings. Whether their e-store contains rumpled polos (Ted Cruz) or pantsuit T-shirts (Hillary Clinton), they're clearly very much on message. And while the merch may be as much of an electoral data-gathering mechanism as it is clothing, that doesn't mean it can't have fashion merit.

While she doesn't have a full-fledged Seventh Avenue–designed collection like Obama did, Clinton definitely wins in the arena of design, not to mention cheeky copywriting — even the ad copy on a humble iced-coffee tumbler notes, "Please note: Sweet tea is also acceptable." (Way to make a play for the southern vote.)

The rest are varying degrees of fashion-backward, from Rand Paul's take on athleisure to Rubio's "Marco Polo" shirt and Bernie Sanders's sub–Word Art–caliber slogan tees; Scott Walker and Rick Santorum haven't yet opened merchandise arms, so the jury is out for now.  Click through the slideshow for a partisan assessment of which ones got our vote, and which ones we'd veto.