Jordache Is Back, With an Assist From SJP


Over the course of her vast experience wearing clothes, Sarah Jessica Parker has managed to make a variety of things look palatable: mile-diameter ruffles, cabbage-rose fascinators, Gordon Gekko formalwear, and flaming hats — well, the last one is debatable. But can she make ‘80s designer denim cool again? WWD reports that Jordache just announced a collection called Jordache Look, of which Parker is the face, that will revive versions of its zero-stretch Me Decade hits. Some will be up-cycled versions of the decade’s styles, or what the paper calls, “one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted from vintage Jordache jeans and restyled by a local artisan.”

Calvin Klein has tried a similar tack with its denim-centric Reissue Project, fronted by Lottie Moss, and RE/DONE has harnessed our insatiable hunger for vintage Levi’s, complete with four-figure price tags. (There’s gold in them thar old jeans.) The collection launches online today and marks the denim brand’s first toe-dip into e-commerce. And while SJP looks great in the new ads, it’s hard to imagine that she’ll ever top this ‘80s denim look.