Rick Owens Designed a Goth My Little Pony

Photo: Rick Owens

Amid the firestorm surrounding everything that happened at today's Rick Owens show, it's important that we not lose sight of the crucial fact that the designer has collaborated with My Little Pony. Yes, really. As part of an initiative by the Italian boutique LuisaviaRoma, Owens was one of several labels, including Balmain and Versace, to present his take on the beloved children's toy. (LuisaviaRoma is auctioning off the whole stable for charity on eBay.) 

Of course, just as he did with his mobile home, the designer had to put a goth stamp on the proceedings. Owens's brooding all-black version is a far cry from the rainbow-colored, doe-eyed prototype. More important: Does this mean that the designer is a certified Brony?