Tom Ford Is Proudly Living the Dadbod Lifestyle

Tom Ford. Photo: Matteo Prandoni/

Welcome to parenthood, Tom Ford. The designer, once known for his laserlike focus on all things appearance and grooming, has admitted to the Evening Standard that he's been letting things slide since the birth of his son. Remember when he took five baths a day? He's down to a mere two.  Now, he wears the same suit daily ("This old dirty suit! I literally just pick up the suit from the night before and put it on," he laments) and his once-immaculate apartment is covered in plastic toys. And exercise and grooming-wise, it sounds like he's pulling a Reverse Chris Pratt.

He has even let his once-fastidious grooming routine slide a bit. "When I got up this morning I was going to trim my beard because I knew I was having this interview and I needed to look good," he said. "It’s going quite grey, which I sometimes camouflage with Just For Men beard dye — do not put that in the article! — and I just didn’t even have the energy." He hasn't worked out in two and a half years, and while he still follows a healthy diet, he admits a fondness for Hostess Donettes, a cornerstone of the dadbod diet. He's in bed with a book by 10 p.m. And when he does have to go out, "‘It’s putting on armour for me to play the part of what people expect Tom Ford to be," he says. "It’s almost a performance, like going on stage. And it’s exhausting, it’s exhausting, it’s exhausting." We feel you, Tom. Here, have a Donette.