Which Oprah Hairstyle Best Represents You?


In her long and illustrious career Oprah has reinvented herself more times than a high-school theater kid: She’s gone through so many different versions of Oprah, each with a signature hairstyle. Here’s a video montage of all of those hairstyles for you to consider, 25 years of various Oprah hairdos — from “Gayle thinks I looked like I just got electrocuted” Oprah, to “business in the front, party in the back” Oprah, to “sleek bob ‘n’ bang” Oprah, all the way up to today’s relaxed, bubble-bath-loving Oprah.

Since a little bit of Oprah lives in each of us, I bet one of these hairstyles called to your soul. For example, I immediately felt a connection with “long and glam” Oprah of 1997. So, in Oprah fashion, a journaling prompt to take you into the weekend: Which Oprah hairstyle am I? And why?