Desk Blankets: Everything Wrong With This World


Here’s the heat-wave paradox: You sweat through your clothes during your commute only to have that layer of perspiration chill your skin the moment you step into your overly air-conditioned office. While most people keep a cardigan draped over their chair, sometimes it’s still so goddamn cold that you can’t feel your fingers even in a sweater.

On the days when your building insists on keeping the internal temperature a frosty 65 degrees or less, you need to swaddle yourself in a desk blanket. The best ones are actual throws, repurposed from decorating your couch to your warming your cubicle. They should be relatively inexpensive and able to pass for a stylish shawl at a glance. If you’re as freezing cold as we are, click ahead for ten blankets you’ll be happy to cuddle into for the rest of summer.