Here’s a Print to Remind You to Dream Big


As cool as you pretend to be, sometimes you want to just give in and embrace all things girly, sparkly, and, well, basic. This week celebrates that desire with absolutely no regrets.

Is it impossible to accomplish anything with a motivational quote to get you started? Obviously not, given the enduring popularity of YOLO. But if you're not into citing Drizzy and if that 2012-era "Carpe That Fucking Diem" poster is starting to feel a bit stale, here's your replacement motto displayed in a perfectly typeset pink print. Instead of trying to invent a new phrase, it digs into the archives for a Virginia Woolf quote that encourages you to follow your dreams and live that life — though that's not how Woolf put it, exactly. 

Virginia Woolf Dreams Print, $35 at Catbird.