How to Dress for Work When It’s Hot As Balls


Figuring out what to wear during the weekdays when it's stifling hot outside presents certain challenges. You want to look presentable but you're also trying not to sweat off all your makeup. If you're shopping for new work clothes (which you should, since the sales are amazing), look to lighter fabrics and colors. Since it's summer, you can probably get away with a bright dress or fun printed detail in even the stuffiest of environments.

Bored with black? Try Vivienne Westwood Anglomania's printed midi, which features cool ruffles and a muted palette that will work well into fall. Overslept your alarm? Throw on COS's easy shift dress and run out the door. And for help in the never-ending battle against office air-conditioning, we also hunted down the best blazers to keep you from freezing once you walk through the office doors.