M.A.C Is Opening a Salon for Makeup

Photo: PeopleImages.com/Getty Images

If you just can't nail the perfect winged liner, M.A.C has a new solution for you. The beauty giant is opening its first makeup studio this month in New York. Think of it as the Drybar of makeup. Makeup artists at the flagship studio will paint a bold lip for a cool $10, apply Kardashian-level contouring for $15, and wing your eyes with liner and false lashes for another $15. There will be makeup lessons, services for special events, and beauty parties, too, at prices ranging from $50 to $90. Speaking to the New York Times, M.A.C creative director James Gager says the studio offers a totally different vibe from M.A.C boutiques. Most important, you won't be guilt-tripped into buying everything the makeup artist applies to your face. For an appointment, you can book online and stop sulking over your inability to render a decent smoky eye.