Twitter Transforms Into a Literal Frat House

Photo: Mills, Andy/Corbis

Twitter — a company where women make up only 10 percent of tech employees, which also happens to be the target of an ongoing gender-discrimination lawsuit — apparently thought it would be fun to turn its offices into a literal frat house for a night. Last night, photos of a frat-party-themed happy hour at the company’s San Francisco offices surfaced, complete with Twitter-branded beer pong, a keg, and a sign declaring the space a “Twitter Frat House.”

Speaking to Fusion, Jim Prosser, a spokesperson for Twitter, apologized for the company-funded frat party. “The social event organized by one team was in poor taste at best, and not reflective of the culture we are building here at Twitter,” he said. “We’ve had discussions internally with the organizing team, and they recognize that this theme was ill-chosen.” Real classy, Tweet bros.