Women Can Show Nipples on Instagram ... Sort Of

Photo: Micol Hebron/Facebook

Justin Bieber can show his bare ass on Instagram, but the social-media platform still won't allow women to show their nipples. (Chrissy Teigen is the latest person Instagram has penalized for freeing the nipple.) But recently, women have found another workaround to protest the company's draconian community guidelines: Just use men's nipples in photos.

Last year, artist Micol Hebron created an easy-to-use template to protest Instagram's ban: She provides an "acceptable male nipple" with which to cover an "unacceptable female nipple," thereby allowing you to post your nipple photo without fear of deletion. It's gone viral this week, and, of course, women are successfully posting men's nipples all over Instagram without penalty. The real test is to see what happens if scads of men start Photoshopping women's nipples onto their bare chests (à la Matt McGorry) and posting them to Instagram.