10 Surfer Girls on Their Favorite Conditioners

Photo: Kirstin Scholtz/WSL via Getty Images

Being a surfer seems pretty cool. You most likely live in Hawaii. You’re naturally fit from a sport that you love. Designers like Proenza Schouler cite you as runway inspiration. But the one downside of being a surfer girl? “Your hair gets fried,” says professional surfer Malia Manuel.

Every female surfer has a favorite leave-in conditioner or hair mask that keeps her hair moisturized and hydrated. And while it’s not easy to become a Gidget overnight, it’s a lot simpler to achieve the soft, conditioned, après-beach hair of one. Here, a mixture of professional and amateur surfers tell the Cut their favorite ways to condition their hair after a day at the beach. Click through to find out which leave-in conditioner every girl on the pro surf tour seems to carry.