The 5 Things You Need to Make Winter Suck Less


Can you believe that it’s the last day of September? There you were a mere two weeks ago carelessly enjoying a warm night while lingering over a glass of rosé. Now mornings are dark and growing progressively colder. Next thing you know you’ll be shivering as you pad from your warm bed to the bathroom.

But wait! you say. Wasn’t last year a huge bust? Sure, there was record warmth but that doesn’t mean this year will be as pleasant. Don’t wait for those first flakes to fall before you run to your computer in a panic. This is the prime time to get everything you need to ensure you won’t be trudging through a snowbank in leaky boots, cursing yourself with every step.

Photo: Benni Spinelli/Studio 1912

Two years ago these L.L. Bean boots were completely gone by early December — unless you were willing to get your shipment in late April. This time around the earliest you’re getting them will be late November. At least it’s in time for winter? (8” Bean boots, $119 at L.L. Bean)


Yes, a Canada Goose coat can cost you close to $1,000, but if it’s good enough for expeditions to Antarctica, it can handle the return of another polar vortex. (Canada Goose Black Black Label Collection Chelsea parka, $795 at SSENSE)

Photo: Tsui, Diana

Do you require the boot equivalent of a sleeping bag? These lined Sorels are soft and warm and can plow through the biggest snowdrifts without fear of numb, wet toes. (Sorel Tivoli II suede boot, $130 at Neiman Marcus)


There will be times when you can’t walk around in a giant puffer but a wool overcoat lacks enough substance. Get a thin down layer to wear underneath and you’re set. (Patagonia down sweater, $229 at Patagonia)


Long pants do not guarantee warm legs, and that’s where these Heattech leggings come in. Also smart to stock up on: Heattech tights; they’re equally effective in subzero weather. (Uniqlo Heattech extra-warm tights, $19.90 at Uniqlo)

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