Dress Like a Boss, Even If You’re Not One (Yet)


The first few years after college are rough on your closet. You're transitioning to your first real job and you have to create an entirely new wardrobe that doesn't consist of sweatpants. Amassing a solid set of work clothes is especially tricky if you're in a conservative industry, since you can't pass off your weekend clothes as your weekday ones. But as you rise up in the ranks, you can't rely solely on that trusty black suit you wore while interviewing. Looking professional and pulled together is an important part of the job.

To help you get ahead, we've put together a comprehensive guide to buying work clothes. From blouses to skirts to bags, every piece in this capsule wardrobe matches perfectly. Just pull a dress, a blazer, and a pair of heels, and you're good to go. You definitely don't need to buy everything — look at what you already own and use this to fill in the gaps. Click ahead and dress like the boss you already are.