Rayanne Graff Is Actual British Nobility Now

Photo: Richard Austin/REX Shutterstock/Rex USA

A. J. Langer, the actress who played everyone’s favorite free-spirited, bohemian teenage alcoholic on My So-Called Life, has grown up to become an actual British noblewoman.

It’s a real-life fairy tale. Langer met her husband, Charles Courtenay, at the very royal-sounding Hard Rock Circle Bar in Las Vegas in 2002. According to The Telegraph, she didn’t know he was a member of the British aristocracy — her attraction probably stemmed from some subconscious response to his floppy, middle-parted 1990s haircut. They married in 2005, and this month, after her husband’s father passed away and he inherited the title Earl of Devon, Langer became the castle-owning Countess of Devon.

From now on, Langer will be remembered not as the chick who stole Jordan Catalano from Angela Chase, but as the Countess chick who stole Jordan Catalano from Angela Chase.