Tavi Gevinson Loves Teen Witches

Photo: Harry Pluvioseretna.com/Retna Ltd./Corbis

Just when it seemed like the cast for Ryan Murphy's horror-comedy series Scream Queens couldn't get any more packed with cool young actresses, Fox announced that Tavi Gevinson will be guest-starring as the 19-year-old who steals Jamie Lee Curtis's husband. At last night's premiere for Mistress America, the Cut asked Tavi how she's getting into the horror mind-set. "Oh, man, I mean, I've seen the movie Scream itself, like, 80 times," she enthused. "There's something about horror, like really campy horror, that is very appealing to me."

We asked whether Gevinson's new pixie cut was a tribute to original Scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis's hairstyle. "I haven't worked with her yet — I'm about to go back to finish filming — but I feel like I've probably subconsciously Single White Female'd her, and this is only the last step," Gevinson said, continuing the horror theme of the conversation. Also on theme is her next Broadway role as Mary Warren in The Crucible. As Gevinson noted, "I'm very much about teen witches and hysterical crying, so I'm very excited."