You’ll Never Find These Designer Pieces on Sale


There’s nothing more satisfying than saying to someone who just complimented your shoes, “Oh these? They’re Prada, and I got them for 75 percent off.” While patience rewards those of us who are neurotic enough to stalk an item until it’s finally marked down, there are certain pieces that will never go on sale. Maybe they’re so popular that they sell out before they can be reduced in price; maybe they’re from a brand that refuses to countenance the concept of discounts. Either way, we’ve rounded up 15 items that you should not expect on the sale racks come November.

Looking to jump on the Gucci bandwagon? Better order your loafers now. Want a chicer alternative to last winter’s Canada GooseAcne’s puffer is destined to be gone. From fancy bags to the hard-to-get boots of the season, here are the 15 splurges you should buy now if you’ve got the cash.