13 Celebrities Standing Next to Carine Roitfeld


There are certain cultures where to be photographed is considered bad luck — the camera will steal your soul. And then there are cultures in which being photographed is the best luck, and the more you can be captured on film, the stronger you will grow. If you are photographed next to a celebrity, so much the better, as their camera-attracting qualities will simply burnish yours. Appear in enough photos, next to enough somewhat-famous people, and you will grow to be the most important person in the room, making photographers pursue you all the more. Play your cards right, and you can combine your own personal fabulousness with the power of celebrity-adjacency to create an endlessly spinning ouroboros of cultural validation.

And now, we present a slideshow from the Bazaar party at the Plaza Hotel, thrown in honor of something Carine Roitfeld did, and also because it's Fashion Week, in case you needed a real reason.